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The first two Bassmaster Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments are in the books and unfortunately I find myself sitting in 101st place in the points, no where near the start I anticipated for my rookie campaign.

I was feeling good after practice for the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. I had located two areas that I felt confident I could catch a limit each day and when you’re competing on the Sabine, limits equal nice paychecks. The problem was both areas presented a challenging situation, there was a good 70 miles between the two and still I needed all day at best, if I was to catch a limit from one of these areas, making fishing both on the same day just not practical. Tournament morning I had to decide if I should go left or right, I chose left, really wish I had gone right. Day one, I failed to weigh a keeper sized bass, day two I went right and caught a respectable limit that had I accomplished two days in a row, would’ve cashed a much needed check and gained them valuable AOY points.

Next stop was Lake Guntersville, Alabama. It’s the bass fishing capital of the world and if I have it my way, I’ll be living there one day soon. I had never spent much time on Guntersville in the past in fact; I’ve only spent a couple hours on the lake my entire life. The first couple hours of the first day of practice and G’ville held up to her reputation as I managed to catch about 27 pounds of bass. After that reality set in quick, the remainder of practice I was able to get around fish but the size just wasn’t there. The tournament itself wasn’t any better. I caught 14 to 15 pounds a day and finished way down the ladder. I’m not even sure what I learned from this to be honest. I guess the only thing I learned was the importance of versatility when fishing the Elites as Guntersville was the polar opposite fishery from that of the Sabine. Catch me 15 pounds a day on the Sabine and I win, catch 15 pounds a day on Guntersville and literally leave embarrassed.

I’m leaving for California in a just a couple days. Obviously, I’m very excited about the entire Bassmaster Elite Series schedule, but the western swing has had me excited since the schedule came out and though

I don’t have any experience fishing out west, I think it’ll fit my strengths considerably and offer an opportunity for a little redemption.

Lots of driving but worth every mile.

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